Friday, August 29, 2008

Brigg's finally used the potty!!!!!

I just received the free Diego potty training kit today in the mail (the one I posted about a few weeks ago). I sat down with Brigg's and showed him everything in it. After his bath tonight, he was standing up in the tub and laughing and started pee-pee'ing a little. I told him to stop and if he used the potty he could put a Diego sticker on his chart, and he did!!! To say I am excited is an understatement. Don't know if the Diego chart really had anything to do with it but I am ecstatic anyway.

Free 3-count Chick-n-Strips at Chick-fil-A on Monday, September 1st!!

On Monday, September 1st you can go to Chick-fil-A and wear your favorite football team's attire or logo and get one free order of their new Chick-n-Strips (3-count). Limit one order per person while supplies last.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Free Yoplait Kids yogurt this week!

Thanks to, if you link to you can print a coupon for $1.50 off Yoplait kids yogurt. Publix has it BOGO this week so it should be $1.40 each. You can print the coupon twice, so after you print, hit the back button a few times and it will print out a second time.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Free sample
Hey, you never know when you may need it!

Here's a great article from Money-Saving Mom on saving money!!

Simple Tips for Living on Little

I am often asked how we made it through my husband's three years of law school on a part-time income without accumulating any debt. Well, it wasn't the easiest thing ever, but with some creativity and the blessing of the Lord, we survived.
Here are a few ideas which allowed us to live on $800-$1000/month without going into debt:

Tithe. Recognize that all the money you have is given to you from God and you are to be a good steward of it.

Read the autobiography of George Mueller and get in a habit of asking God for your provisions. I can tell you story after story of amazing ways God has answered our prayers for specific needs--from providing a washer and dryer for free, to furnishing our home for $100, to anonymous gifts in the mail just when we needed it most, to a good sale at the grocery store on something. God has provided above and beyond many things we have asked Him for. It has been truly amazing to see His provision.

Pay cash for everything. Don't even think of buying something if you don't have the money for it. (For more encouragement in this regard, I highly recommend Dave Ramsey's books, radio show, and Financial Peace University.)

Pare down to the basic essentials. It is amazing what you can live without.

Make a budget and stick to it. Pay for the essentials first. If there is money left over, put the bulk of it in savings.

Regardless of how little you have, put a little money in savings every month. Even if you only have $5 to spare, put it in savings and little bit, by little bit, you'll start to see your savings grow.

Don't buy expensive gifts. Make something or write a letter, it's much more meaningful when you put time and effort into a gift anyway. (There are lots of great frugal gift ideas here.)

Have one vehicle. It wasn't my first choice, but we lived for quite some time with only one vehicle. Our situation was such that I couldn't walk anywhere (we were not in the best part of town and it would be a very long way to try and walk anywhere even if it were safe), but we managed just fine.

Stay home more. It's amazing how many things you don't know you are missing out on, if you're not out window shopping. Staying home and just spending time together as a family is much more fulfilling anyway!

Don't buy anything you don't need and only buy things if they are on sale.

Don't eat out. I repeat, don't eat out. You'll save yourself a bundle of money.

Find ways to have "free dates" with your husband. Pack a picnic and go to the park. Or, go to a bookstore and browse together. Make some homemade mocha and play a game. The possibilities are almost endless on this one. (More cheap date ideas here.)
Learn to utilize the library. I love our local library--I can go and check out as many books as I want and never pay them a cent (well, okay, so long as I return our books on time!).

Pack a lunch for your husband to take to work everyday. Add up how much you'll save in a year by doing this and you will be amazed!

Cut back on meat consumption. We only eat meat about 3-4 times per week and really have not missed it much. More ideas here.

Stick to simple meals. Cook and bake from scratch.

Last but not least, make it fun! It's a game for me to see how well we can live on how little. Learn to enjoy saving money. And, like Get Rich Slowly admonishes, don't let a frugal lifestyle become dull and boring.

What are some of your best tips and ideas for living on little?

Originally published October 2005.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Free Samples

1. Dove Fresh Body Mist and $1/1 coupon
This is actually in Spanish but very easy to understand.

2. Free Sippy cup from Juicy Juice.
Everyone could use another sippy cup!

Just click on the names.

CVS 101

Here is CVS 101 from Money Saving Mom to help better understand how ECB's work. Just click on the title above.

Another CVS deal

Here's another deal you can get for the whole month of August at CVS I found at the Mommy Making Money website.

Infants/Childrens Advil Liquid $5.79 with $5.79 back. The booklet says the limit is 1, but the limit is actually 2. I purchased two using a $2.50 off purchase of $10 of any pain relievers coupon that the magic scanner machine printed for me when I got there, so I made more ECBs than I paid with (ch-ching!). Here's a coupon for $1 off, which you can also use to make a little moola with this deal.

Friday, August 1, 2008

CVS Deals for August 3-9

ECB Deals

Extreme Energy 6-hour Energy Shot 2-pack

Buy 1 at $4.99, get $4.99 ECB's

Final price = FREE after ECB's (Limit 1)

Colgate MaxFresh Burst or Total Advanced

Buy 1 at $2.99, get $2.00 ECB's

Use $1.50/1 printable or $1.50/1 from August All You Magazine

Final price = FREE plus $.51 profit after coupon and ECB's (Limit 2)

Other Deals

Revlon Lip, Mascara, Eyeshadow, or Liner

On sale Buy One, Get One Free (prices start at $3.90)

Buy 2 items $4.00 or less and use (2) $2/1 from 7/20 S

Final price = FREE

Covergirl Clean, Trublend or Aquasmoothers Products

On sale Buy One, Get One Free

Use BOGO coupon coming out in 8/3 PG

Final price = FREE

Sure Deodorant

On sale Buy One, Get One Free

Use BOGO coupon from 6/29 S

Final price = FREE

Pert Plus Shampoo Plus Conditioner

On sale Buy One, Get One Free (regular price $3.69

Use (2) $2/1 from 6/29 S

Final price = FREE plus $.31 profit

Thanks to Centsible Savings

Free Pampers potty training kit

I definitely need all the help I can get!

Get a free potty training kit from Pampers here.
This kit includes:

* A free sample of Easy Ups Trainers

* High-value coupons

* Fun stickers & coloring pages

* Step-by-step potty training tips

* Potty Progress Chart

* Dora or Diego training trophy


We camped at Skidaway Island National Park in a pop-up for vacation. Skidaway is near Savannah and Tybee Island. The kids had a great time! We saw all kinds of animals. In the wild- deer, dolphins, birds, crabs, big spiders, and unfortunately chiggers. In captivity- sharks, fish, snakes, turtles, crocodiles, and lizards. Here are some pictures.

My awesome grocery shopping trip!!

Just a little background info on how I used to shop. My husband and I would go to Walmart weekly and drop at least $200. I would rarely use coupons, I would do price comparison some, but mostly was a "brand snob". Had to have Charmin toilet paper, Huggies diapers, Tide clothes detergent, etc. Then my friend Karen Allen told me she shopped for her family, of then 4, for $400 a month at Publix. I thought she was crazy (sorry Karen, you know I love you). How could anyone possible spend just $400/month at Publix when I couldn't even do that at Walmart for 2 weeks. But then I tried it using coupons and BOGO's and still had a hard time. I would usually come in budget but then would have to end up spending more before next grocery day........ And then I found Money Saving Mom and coupon mom and a few other sites. Now our goal is $60/week and we have been very good and sticking pretty close. I normally pull $60 cash out a week and that is my limit. This week though I decided to go ahead and pull out $120 b/c of the great deals at Publix and Ingles and go ahead and shop for 2 weeks (b/c I was late shopping, I will actually get to pull out another $120 at the end of next week, so it won't be a full 2 weeks.)

And here is what I got for $124.64!! Over budget $4.64 but I will take it.

Picture #1 is Publix, where I spent 26.72.
At publix if something is BOGO(buy one get one free) then you actually could only buy 1 and pay half price, you don't have to get 2 to get the sale. Also if you get 2 items at BOGO you can use a coupon on each item(so you can use 2 coupons on BOGO). Also Publix doubles coupons up to .50 and takes all competitor's coupons, such as CVS, Ingles, Target, etc..

2 Mayfield Icecreams- 2/$6, used 2$1 coupons= $2 a piece
4 Betty Crocker brownie mixes- BOGO @ 2.69/box, 4/.50 coupons(doubled)=.35 a box
2 Chips Ahoys - BOGO= $1.70 a piece
3 Dole fruit bowl packs-BOGO @2.65 each, 3/.50 coupons(doubled)=.33 a pack
3 Dole fruit parfait packs-BOGO @2.65 each,3/.75 coupons=.58 a pack
6 boxes Quaker granola bars-BOGO @2.79 each, 3/$1 off 2coupons=.90 a piece
2 Pop Tarts-BOGO @ 2.19 each=$1.10 each
4 Barilla pastas-BOGO @ 1.45 each, 2/.50 off 2boxes coupon(doubled)=.23 a box
2 Kraft mac-n-cheese-BOGO @ 1.97 each=.99 a box
2.70 lbs grapes @ .99/lb=2.67
1 reusable shopping bag = .99

Using advertised sales and coupons I saved $56.30. So the full total of my groceries would have been $83.02.

Picture #2 is Ingles where I spent $97.92.

This week at Ingles they were tripling .50 coupons, they normally double as Publix does.

1 box of Luvs diapers 80 count - $18.98, I had a coupon for $5.00 I had sent for on-line=13.98

1 bag Underjams for Syd- on sale for $9.98, I had a $2 coupon=$7.98

2 boxes Pampers wipes- on sale for $2.78 each, I had 2 $.50 coupons(tripled)=$1.28 each

2 Suave body washes- $2.98 each, I had 1 bogo coupon and 1 $.50 coupon=$.74 each

1 6-roll Angel Soft- $3.68, I had a $.50 coupon(tripled)=$2.18

2 Suave deodorants- $1.98 each, I had 2 $.50 cent coupons(tripled)=$.48 each

6 3-gallon Deer Park waters- On sale for $1 each, I had 3 $1/2 coupons= $.50 each

6 cans of Pringles- on sale $1 each, I had 2 $.30 off 3 coupons(tripled)=$.70 each

6 Kellogs fruit snacks- 3/$5, I had 3 coupons for $.50 off 2(tripled)= $1.17 each

2 gallons Milk= $3.48/gallon!!!! Almost a whole dollar less than Publix

1 Cheerios snack mix- $2.00, I had a $.50 coupon tripled = $.50

1 Chex Mix- $2.38, I had a $.50 tripled= $.88

5 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls-5/$5, I had 5 $.30 coupons tripled =$.10 each

1 Pills bury French loaf- BOGO @ $2.27 each, $.35 coupon tripled=$.09 each

1 box Jellos singles- $1.50, $.50 coupon tripled=FREE

1 Duke mayo- $1.68

1 PB-$1.98

1 Jelly-$1.50

1 jar pickles-$1.88

1 container Crystal Light- $3.28, I had a $.50 coupon I requested on-line(tripled)=$1.78

1 Betty Crocker Warm Delights- on sale for $1.67, I had a $.50 coupon tripled- so it was only$.17

3 Bumble Bee Tuna-$.83 each

Over 5 lbs Tyson boneless, skinless chicken breast- on sale @ $1.98/lb, bought 2 packages, 2 $.55 coupons

2 Domino sugars(dark and light brown)-$.98 a piece, 2/$.30 coupons tripled- so they were $.08 a box

3 boxes Curves bars-3/$7, I had 3 $.50 coupons(tripled)= $.83 each

1 loaf of bread-$1.11

1 package hamburger buns-$.55

1 package hotdog buns-$.56

2 packages ball park franks- 2/$5, I had a $1/2 coupon=$2 each

3 lbs apples-$4.98

4 lbs oranges-$3.98

1 onion-$.76

2 squash- $1.07

4 peaches- $3.29(I just realized I was actually overcharged for this, they were on sale for$.88lb and I was charged $1.28/lb) Oh well.

3 tomatoes- $1.72

1 can resolve- $4.64, I had $1 coupon= $3.64

1 spray-n-wash- $2.68, I had a $.50 coupon(tripled)=$1.18

1 coffee-mate- this was free from a coupon I registered for on-line

2 nature's way rice-a-ronis- these were free plus I made $1 off of them b/c they were on sale for $1 each and I had 2 .50 coupons which were tripled.

1 box Austin crackers- on sale for $1

I think that is everything, if anyone has any questions let me know.

I had the check out girl total everything up before she scanned my Ingles card and the total was $199, then after she scanned my card it was $164, after coupons the grand total was $97.92!!

I also am stocked up on cereals, toiletries, cleaners, cheese, beef, canned and frozen veges, and breakfast items to last probably 3-4 weeks or more from previous shopping trips.

Hope this helps.